2BOX DrumIt Five MKII

A formidable battery of the latest generation and with a strong aesthetic impact with this touch of bright color that immediately catches the eye and tends to liven up this battery. Let’s talk about the 2box DrumIt Five MKII, an exclusive of the 2box, is a drum sound system that gives the drummer the possibility of creating many different sounds and having the feeling of playing an acoustic drum.

Even in this battery, you can create your own sounds through the DrumIt Five Editor for PCs and Macs and easily save them. It is possible to connect the battery through a USB port and start your game, modify existing sounds, load others, play with entire music tracks and much more … just think that it has 4 GB of built-in Flash memory! With very few clicks it is possible to adjust the tuning levels, the sounds can be easily remixed and even the sounds can be inserted in virtual pads to give a preview of what the sound will look like !!

Features of the 2box DrumIt Five MKII

Two main features of this battery are the Triggering System, which faithfully reproduces the variability of the sounds on the pads, whether they are light or heavy and the Floating Rim that allows characteristic sounds on the edge of the drum, thus creating true rimshots.

The sound module is 10 dual-function with a maximum of 14 channels, 2 audio line-in, 6 audio line out and 8 headphones; but also 10 channel keys, 9 system keys, 3 rotary dials, 1 volume knob, plus external power supply.

For the dishes we find the Chokeablewhich allows the system to recognize if you are playing on the edge, on the central area or on the bell of the plate, automatically changing the sound. These plates are covered with a special silicone surface that allows a rapid rebound and a low level of acoustic emissions. Furthermore, it is possible to stop the sound immediately simply by blocking the vibration of the plate with one hand. The pads have a size of 8 to 14 inches equipped with mesh, standard or special designed rubber heads.

The Charleston, very similar to the cymbals, is equipped with a sensor that quickly recognizes the vertical hi-hat movement and together with a Multi-Zone Trig tries to faithfully reproduce the entire Charleston sound championship.

The whole rests gently on the Rack Stand, a resistant, light, and very manageable support; it can be appropriately customized by the drummer to his taste and in addition, he has the possibility of being able to adjust the height of plates and pads according to his own comfort.

In short, a modern and great beauty battery that has all the best features to perform sophisticated and sophisticated sounds.

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