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Alea “Spleenless”: the debut album

A debut album for the young Apulian singer-songwriter who in this first work intended to translate into music an emotional baggage of sensations and thoughts, aimed at finding answers to the most current themes of existence and everyday life; generational hardships, whether positive or negative personal experiences, the world seen through the eyes of a young woman who wants to believe that one can still win.

The album expresses tenacity and hope in each song, and important feelings translated into music, Alea wrote and composed each track of the album in collaboration with Pasquale Carrieri, arranger and pianist, and Guglielmo Dimitri, excellent sound engineer; the work was based on a clear “vintage” style with sounds and live recordings, for the Luna Rossa Records label.

Alea, real name Alessandra Zuccaro is a singer-songwriter, modern music is her specialization together with Blues, Jazz, and Soul, this artist is endowed with a voice that is not common from Mezzo-soprano. Her artistic career began officially in 2007 at the Modern Mancarella Singing School in Lecce where she graduated in 2012. The path chosen by Alea thanks to her talent brings her multiple experiences and satisfaction, also the result of collaborations and contacts with the world of artists affirmed of which Alea manages to deserve to be a part.

Harmony that blends in the soul with an initial and captivating “Never Better”, the tracks wind through the vibration and a blues of all respect, the voice of Alea is expressed in all its purity, a passion that manifests itself whole and without reservations in the song by Quincy Jones: “Miss Celie’s Blues” , a choice without a doubt rarefied result of a taste and horizons of great value and is absolutely perfect for a musical personality like that of Alea.

The album’s fantastic ability to transport the listener is fantastic, even to drag it from scenery to scenery on the wave of notes; each song has a different setting, different colors and perfumes, moments, sensations, flashes, memories, amazement, déjà-vu, to listen to it gently slips from a beach to the central and chaotic streets of a big city on a flowing trail of music travels and dreams as in the track entitled “Motivetto” that moves in the 70s; a dazzling splendor, a musical soul that gives itself fully, with warmth and talent, with power of voice and compositional sweetness. A clever mixture of rhythms and melodies that in a perpetual play of sounds twirls and moves sinuously between brain and heart, enchants and seduces with good music.

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