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Black skies above Turin: the debut album

Cieli Neri above Turin is a relatively young group, the band was born in 2010, with this their first album, they want to introduce their style, and their music, of the seventies, but above all to carry on their speech with ten tracks different from each other but united by the common denominator that is man, and his relationship with the environment that surrounds him.

“Death will have your eyes” is the album’s “spokesperson”, the clarifying expression of the band’s unique thinking, their enthusiasm and their passion, the strength of what they believe they find perfect realization from here to follow along the tracks of the album, piece after piece in a long and emotional thread, which passes from history to history, the feelings come forward overbearing among the notes, melancholy, real, lived. Among the songs that I would like to underline I quote “my generation”, one of my favorites of this work, an important text track, the captivating melody is absolutely original in its plot, the voice is the force that draws a unique and rhythmic sound, blends pure with the notes, the words full of pathos they support the concept of a “felt” composition that is no doubt lived through.

In the same way, I absorbed the emotion given by “the evening falls”, the sounds here too are clearly the result of research and passion that bring out the talent that always supports the qualities mentioned, the album is always revealed. more interesting and pleasant, although there are really biting traces, with a strong impact that strike straight and without half measures like the song entitled “cousin” . All in all a strong album of his sensitive attention to everyone’s life, with a warm and participatory accent for evils and for joys, had or lost… an album that is life in music, cared for and brilliantly realized with love for the project; deserving of great attention … piece after piece. Recommended.

The CNST, which is the abbreviation of the name of the band, as already mentioned at the beginning of 2010, the founders are Mauro Caviglia and Giampiero Morfino, the two friends create the new collaboration on the ashes of another band that dissolved; they begin together to compose songs in Italian and from the original sound, with a productive activity they make themselves known, playing in the rooms of the area where they live, to expand their experiences and widen their range of activities they participate in various competitions on the national territory, and winning some prizes thanks to the song “Death will have your eyes” and with “Pensiero Mattutino”. The band experiences moments of evolution and the search for their own balance and after various changes in formation, then finally in 2014 with the arrival of a new element: Gianluca Vaccarino on guitar and Federico Sannazzaro on bass the line up is perfect.

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