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” The inventor Saltuario” is the debut album of the artist Ivan Romano , the work was presented by the musician in preview with the accordionist Carmine Ioanna, on August 25th in acoustic at the Sponz Fest of Calitri with the artistic direction of Vinicio Capossela; a nine-track album, definable by folk-songwriting sound; Latin rhythms and traditional melodies enriched by important texts, Romano himself gave explanations and details on how the project developed and took shape:

«There is also a re-adapted song of Neapolitan classical music” Voce ‘e Notte “. The musical style of the album can be defined as “Folk Singing”. The texts and arrangements are the results of a long study conducted by me (Voice, Bass, Piano, Guitar, and Kazoo) thanks to the synergy of the Latin rhythms of Antonio De Nisi (Drums) and Angelo Marino (Percussions), accompanied by the seductive Accordion Folk / jazz by Carmine Ioanna, with the decisive colors of the trumpet and the Soprano flugelhorn by Nicola Albanese, from the sweet notes of the flute by Giuseppe Branca, from the sweet notes of piano by Massimo Palumbo in the songs “But it is hard to do” and “Irpinia” and from Tammorra and the choir of Lorella Monti in a song “Irpinia”. Love, passion for music, for women, for their land – “Irpinia” – are the distinctive elements of a work where the social theme of emigration becomes “suffering” but also an act of great “courage”. And from the warm lands of the South, the complicated story between a mother and a daughter is intertwined where the theme of love and the poignant bond that has always animated the relationship between different generations returns unchallenged “.

An eclectic and pleasant album, which captures attention and conquers by originality, listening to each song lives its own life but follows a well-structured path that links all the work; very interesting the song “Irpinia” from which transpires the personal emotional baggage; very beautiful and that has occupied a special place in my ear as a musician is ” Vento di Primavera”, but without a doubt I’m sure the whole album will capture you too.

Ivan Romano is a folk songwriter with the composition of over 100 songs ranging from the folk songwriting genre to psychedelic rock, the artist also wrote for other singers, on August 25, 2016 he released his first album entitled ” The inventor Saltuar ”nine songs with the participation of various musicians: Carmine Ioanna (Accordionist) Nicola Albanese (Trumpeter) Antonio De Nisi (Drummer) Giuseppe Branca (Flute) Lorella Monti (Tammorra and choirs) Massimo Palumbo (Piano) Angelo Marino (Percussion).

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