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A 2016 full of satisfactions for the Sicilian Karbonica band , a year that closes with a flourish for the group with the release of the first album in November, titled “Those colors “, ten tracks of modern rock focused on drums on bass and electric guitars ; the compositions are diversified by hints of hard rock, alternatives and pop with some electronics, but very discreet, almost on tiptoe; the nature of the disc remains firmly based on guitars.

The themes are varied, from the most “light” to the deepest social issues, then there is love but treated in small doses, the disc as a whole is a well-kept work with many facets, which highlight the uncommon ability of musicians to pass spontaneously and performantly from one context to another with fluidity and without ever losing the sound mastery and the very personal style that distinguishes them.

Listening to the songs are all indistinctly of excellent quality , beautiful sounds, and captivating lyrics, the performance is synergistic supported by the incisive voice of Riccardo Trovato; and in all the songs we find the electric guitars launched at high speed in left and in right that we can define masterly without false modesty, with a powerful but calibrated sound we can see a great care of the arrangements; the “Quei colori” track, which gives the title to the work, is a strong, almost scratchy piece, a very personal rock but that does not lose sight of the most classic sounds of the genre, here the band immediately declares to express itself in a unique way with the guitars that are the leitmotif of all the work, and great.

Among the other songs on the disc I particularly appreciated immediately, “Pezzo d’Africa”, because it is a song with an exceptionally original sound, but also with an interesting text, without taking anything away from the rest of the work, this song really did ” bewitched “, also listening to this song shows the skill of the group, the synergy between the instruments and the voice, a whole that smacks of love for music and great harmony between the members of the band, a fundamental aspect of the” good rock ”. In the song “Your Revolution” the band brings out the talent that brings back the sounds of the great names of modern rock, an inspired style but with a Karbonic signature in every note. Also to mention “Your city”, this track emphasizes the ability of these guys to create totally different songs without losing quality. Pleasantly enthralling, “She is music” is another track of the truly “beautiful” album, where the term is charged with many meanings. All in all, ten valuable pieces that honor the genre with style and great commitment. Highly recommended.

The Karbonics are a rock originating from Sicily, they make themselves known in 2012 with a first work entitled “Live in-studio”; the project brings successes and new experiences, concretized in over 200 live shows, experiences, and satisfaction that culminate with the victory of the 2014 edition of Rock Target Italia, lighting up the national final and winning the National Web Prize. In the same year, the band publishes the single, “That need with which” they place themselves in the Indie Music Like of MEI; dei Karbonica is also spoken in the Marie-Claire magazine.

The group continues its path with commitment and passion and in 2015 a new single is released entitled “Your revolution”, and in 2016 they are chosen by Litfiba among the 16 bands that will record the celebratory compilation of the thirty-year RE production produced by the same Litfiba, always in 2016 comes “Quei colori”, ten new tracks that end the year with a flourish.

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