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Mazzoleni’s new work is dedicated to the author’s popular song that tells of the creative freedom that is decidedly oppressed by our time too hectic and too technological. “Gente di Terra” is the fourth studio album of the singer-songwriter and describes the feelings of the artist towards creativity so severely tested today; defined by the artist himself as a walking album; the journey of an expanding company. Pier Mazzoleni in this work engages with new sounds very different from the previously followed sound line. With regard to this choice, Mazzoleni himself explained:«It is obligatory and at the same time natural choice to avoid falling into the obligation of a discounted arrangement. I felt the need to wander and come out because the soul had been tormenting me for a while with the popular song. And I opened up to collaborations. Ventura as well as being a good writer is also a friend and I found myself immediately in line with his way of perceiving life, with his writing »

The well-kept album leaves nothing to chance or improvisation and presents itself with a double aspect of work, that is orchestrated or acoustic proposed with the unique and unavoidable support of piano and voice; Pier Mazzoleni is a singer-songwriter who, in his compositions, also puts a little of himself in his story and his experiences, not only as an artist and musician but also as a man; musical stories told with a single common denominator: the essentiality, an element that is always transformed into a simple constant emotion of synergy with the public. Mazzoleni knows how to tell the scents of the sea in music, and of the dreamed horizons that are a bit of everyone and of the metropolitan vicissitudes, of the life of every day and of everything that binds people in the world, joys and sorrows, moments, disasters, loves, and passions in a pleasant and talented mix of jazz and swing, and sensual Latin rhythms.

To mention the song “Gente di Terra” that gives the title to the album, soft and dreamy, between the romantic and nostalgic, sweet and bitter at the same time, and very beautiful in the broadest simplicity of the term, but profound conviction and emotion of the ‘I listen. And to this, I want to mention “Dolce Maddalena” one of my favorite pieces of this wonderful work. No doubt to specify that all 11 tracks are highly recommended for their musical value.

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