Roland TD-4K

Today we are talking about a timeless battery, leader of the Roland company that also received the “International Musikmesse Press Award 2009” at the Frankfurt Musikmesse. We are talking about the Roland TD-4K, original and very versatile, recommended and played by many drummers.

Features of the Roland TD-4K

Unlike the others, it has a TD-4 sound module, equipped with a large collection of sounds and percussion. In fact, there are 125 drums and percussion sounds useful to be mixed and adapted to your taste, plus it has already incorporated 25 drums ready to be played.

With this functional module you can perform numerous exercises, which allow you to improve your technique and your performance thanks to 2 functions: the “Coach Mode” which will help the drummer to perform faster, faster and more precise sounds and the “Quick Rec””Which will allow instead to record, listen and quickly reproduce the performances, in order to have the possibility to see each other again, to notice the errors or the improvements made.

Very easy to use, even the display and settings are very visible and easily intuitive. You can play with songs through headphones or speakers, you can send recordings directly to your computer or sound cards, and many numerous functions.

The snare drum is the V-Pad tuned in PDX-8 with a diameter of 25 cm. As for the plates, there are 3 of them and they are Dual Trigger Cymbal Pad, one CY-5 connected to the FD-8 pedal and two CY-8 plates that work as Crash and Ride. The Pads are PD-8 and perform the function of tom. An important feature with regard to the pads is that they are lined with leather mesh, similar to real leather and that it tries to reduce the sound level of the battery. The KD-8 pedal offers a continuous and practical response.

Everything is supported and contained in the practical MDS-4 support that supports all the components, guaranteeing stability and resistance with a touch of simplicity and elegance. This supposed was created exclusively for this battery model, introducing, a touch of extreme lightness that allows being able to carry it mount with extreme ease. It can be said that this battery is very narrow, therefore suitable for those who do not have large spaces but who would never give up the music!

The Roland TD – 4K also includes a cable with D-Sub connector for a unique connection to the sound module, intended for the pads.

A battery, the Roland TD-4K very simple, versatile, excellent quality, with an infinity of functions with which to be able to improve and create new sounds, flexibility in the recordings make the Roland FD-4K a real battery!

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