The kick drum pedal

The drum of the bass drum (bass drum beater) is the final part of the whole mechanical drum system of the bass drum pedal. This is called “swing” because of the function it performs, that is, to beat or hit the bass drum. Look best drum set reviews.

As the wand hits the drum, the pedal leaf strikes the bass drum. The percussion then takes place on the “beating” skin of the bass drum that is positioned towards the drummer while the resonant skin is the one facing the audience.

There are different types of doors and, regardless of the models of the brands that produce them, they are generally divided into three types:

– Hard beater

The hard sash is made of plastic or wood.

The hard knockers produce a very pronounced and direct sound attack, the sound is very detached and precise, excellent if you want to get a good definition of the overall sound of the case.

– Medium beater

The middle sash is the classic sash made of compressed felt in a block of about 6 cm in diameter around the stem of the pedal and is the one that allows more versatility to the sound of the bass drum. Based on the technique that is used to play with the pedal you can get more types of sound, from soft to hard.

– Soft sash

The soft sash usually has a hard and heavy consistency core while externally it is covered with a soft material similar to wool or plush. However, synthetic materials are used for the construction to allow for a market price accessible to all. This type of casement is used rarely and not by many drummers as it produces a very delicate effect in the attack but with a good response on low frequencies, thus giving the bass drum sound a final sound with little attack and definition but quite round, like the effect of a sub-woofer.

The musical style and the sound of the bass drum

Depending on the type of music you play, change the type of sound that the drum drum has to have.

To find out which is the ideal door based on the genre go to:

Knocker with multiple surfaces (multi-faced bass drum beater)

Some companies have been producing, for several years now, doors that have more surfaces with which to play the bass drum. Usually called “multi-faced” these can have two to four different surface types. The advantage of these doors is that you can, in a few seconds, change the type of sound to the bass drum without having to change the entire rod. In fact, it is possible to switch from a plastic or wooden door leaf to a felt door, which is softer in an instant.

The disadvantage of these models is that they are often very heavy. Many drummers need a heavyweight that gives them the right power on the spot, others prefer to have a medium or lightweight and this could cause problems.

The weight of the door leaf

In addition to the type of surface, when choosing a case for the pedal of the case, the weight must also be considered.

This greatly affects the dynamics (volume) used when playing. It is, in fact, unthinkable that you use a bass drum, say the case, from 24″ or 26″ to play heavy rock and use a soft and light sash, as you should not use on a small case and with a thin skin a very hard sash is heavy.

Each piece of information given here is to be considered always a guideline in order to be able to choose, especially for the less experienced, an accessory and to have more or less concrete references to what should be considered when buying or choosing a door leaf. This obviously does not prevent you from being able to use one swing compared to another depending on your needs and personal taste.

The size of the foot or the pedal itself often makes the difference.

The factors that affect the sound of the case are many, so they should be evaluated one by one and then combined to obtain the desired sound.

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